– Windows Phone App Review is a streaming media service, that also has a built-in social network. Its been a decade for in the streaming music service scene. It has managed to stay relevant for all that time; thanks to a deep catalog and robust social networking features. It boasts a large user base, having been in existence since 2002. differentiates itself from the competition by integrating a comprehensive database of live music events with its search and social media results. For virtually every artist you listen to, you can easily learn about all of their upcoming live events (including location, time and date, pricing, etc.)

Music Discovery plays music. That is obvious from the name. But where it really stands out, is the music discovery space. The app includes a “scrobbling” feature that tracks what songs you listen to and lets you like or unlike them. This is a technology that makes deliver music that is tailored to your musical tastes. As you listen to music on the tracks are ‘scrobbled’ which over time makes the recommendations more accurate. The free software that you can download scrobbles music that you listen to on your computer or iPod – this improves the accuracy even further. Additionally, you can find music the old-fashioned way—via recommendations from friends and people of similar tastes.

Catalogue, Sound Quality, Lack of Audio Ads

There are 26 music categories to choose from, and, in a nice twist. It consistently delivers audio that’s better quality than most of its competitors. For anyone who cares about consuming music as authentically as possible, definitely ranks among the best music streaming services. And there are no audio ads to waste your time or test your patience.


  1. No audio ads.
  2. Live music recommendations.
  3. Free downloadable music tracks when applicable.
  4. Unlimited skips.
  5. Music videos.
  6. Great library and ability to network with other users.


  1. Lacks robust fine-tuning.
  2. Fractured Web design.
  3. Recommendation engine based on user input, not back-end data.

Final Thoughts is one of the oldest music services on web. It’s free, it has no audio ads and it gives you quality when it comes to listening to music. Its interface may not be the most slickest or it’s social networking feature may not be the most advanced, but, as a music enthusiast you will get a nice music listening and a great discovery experience. is available on all versions of windows phone.


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